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Land Magic Saga

This six book saga & a novella is a YA Epic Fantasy that follows Azika's adventures as she learns who she is and embraces the roll of her calling to heal the Land Magic and save her people from the bloodletting Chagoric Lords.
Vica: A Land Magic Novella


Marek's Story

In the city of Vica, Marek is known for his great skills at extracting information without his presence ever being noticed. His nickname, Ghost, perfectly describes the way he stalks the night like a silent, fleeting shadow. Those who have heard of him fear his skill, but no matter what he does he can never shake the haunting memories of his slum upbringing and the father who abandoned him.


Paid well by the wealthy for his services, Marek runs from these memories and travels the Three Kingdoms, but there is one who always lures him back to her side and to the city he longs to forget.


Upon his return to Vica, he finds the slums in turmoil as a new ringleader comes into power and threatens everyone Marek holds dear. With deadly secrets at play, will Marek be strong enough to save those he loves?   


Book 1


She must embrace what scares her to escape ENSLAVEMENT

Azika has been a slave in the Kongul Mining Camp for as long as she can remember. Cursed with beauty, she is forced to hide under dirt and filth to keep the guards at bay, but there is one who knows what lies beneath the grime and will stop at nothing to have her. Struggling to hold tight to her courage, Azika finds herself sentenced to the dangerous exploration tunnels.

Befriending a fellow crew member, who remembers life outside this camp, Azika
dares to believe they can escape and finally unravel the mysteries surrounding her life. Even with Bear’s help, the odds are stacked against them. For how does one escape a mountain and the guards surrounding it?


Coming soon- Fall 2016!!
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"Forgive me for not falling all over myself in gratitude for someone who clearly doesn't want to be here." Her humble ‘thank you’ was smothered by his condescending tone. "Who would? We’re in a thunderous sand storm, in the middle of this forsaken desert! Yeah, I'm delighted!” he exclaimed.

Book 2

Azika has finally escaped her mountain prison, but freedom is wrought with more dangers than she could ever imagine. 

Waking in a strange house, Azika finds herself in a magical land filled with wonders she is desperate to understand, but time is short and the urge to find Bear is overpowering. Embarking on an unforgettable journey with a sassy horse and a man that makes her weak at the knees, Azika discovers a strength she didn’t know she possessed and enemies she didn’t know she had. Can she outrun the Blood Warriors sent to kill her and unravel the secrets of her past before it is too late? 

His touch sent shivers down her spine heightening her awareness of his physical presence for the first time. Her body responded to him as her mind screamed warnings, but it was too late. The heat of his hand left her helplessly in his power as her stomach fluttered with desire.
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Book 3

Azika is safely tucked away in the castle…or so The Court of The Three Kingdoms thought. The stone walls surrounding her couldn’t stop the attempts on her life, but the court and her aunt, Queen Tiessa, won’t let her leave the castle grounds to fight back. As the fate of The Three Kingdoms tips dangerous in the Chagoric Lords favor, Azika finds her path littered with obstacles and self-doubt. Frustrated and stifled, Azika races to master her magic in secret before her enemies' aim improves. Will she outwit her enemies before it is too late?

Marek struggles to vanquish Azika from his mind, but the girl’s golden-curls and startling blue eyes have him distracted. Saying goodbye to his old life, he sets out on a quest—a quest that might turn out to be his biggest mistake yet.


Entwined Land Magic Saga 4 Cover digital2 (1).jpg

Book 4

Reunited with her warriors, Azika is determined to train hard to be the Chosen they deserve and Elder Lemnic is happy to oblige. Magical training from dawn until dusk turns Azika’s life into one continual round of exhaustion and heartache. While making headway with her magical skill, she is thwarted in love. Will Marek ever trust her enough to open his heart?

Enemies strike and her heart woes will have to wait. Women are reported missing from the eastern farmlands of Losaria. The disappearances reek of Chagoric Lords. Azika will not stand by doing nothing while these lords steal more lives. With the help of her friends and trusted warriors, Azika sets out to rescue these women from a fate worse than death. Has she learned enough to be successful against her evil foe or will her inexperience once again cause those around her pain?

Land Magic Saga:
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Land Magic Saga:
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