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Land Magic Saga Book Four
Entwined Land Magic Saga 4 Cover digital2 (1).jpg

Book 4

Reunited with her warriors, Azika is determined to train hard to be the Chosen they deserve and Elder Lemnic is happy to oblige. Magical training from dawn until dusk turns Azika’s life into one continual round of exhaustion and heartache. While making headway with her magical skill, she is thwarted in love. Will Marek ever trust her enough to open his heart?

Enemies strike and her heart woes will have to wait. Women are reported missing from the eastern farmlands of Losaria. The disappearances reek of Chagoric Lords. Azika will not stand by doing nothing while these lords steal more lives. With the help of her friends and trusted warriors, Azika sets out to rescue these women from a fate worse than death. Has she learned enough to be successful against her evil foe or will her inexperience once again cause those around her pain?

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