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The first book in this six book saga. The Land Magic Saga is a YA Epic Fantasy that follows Azika's adventures as she learns who she is and embraces the roll of her calling to heal the Land Magic and save her people from the bloodletting Chagoric Lords.


She must embrace what scares her to escape ENSLAVEMENT

Azika has been a slave in the Kongul Mining Camp for as long as she can remember. Cursed with beauty, she is forced to hide under dirt and filth to keep the guards at bay, but there is one who knows what lies beneath the grime and will stop at nothing to have her. Struggling to hold tight to her courage, Azika finds herself sentenced to the dangerous exploration tunnels.

Befriending a fellow crew member, who remembers life outside this camp, Azika
dares to believe they can escape and finally unravel the mysteries surrounding her life. Even with Bear’s help, the odds are stacked against them. For how does one escape a mountain and the guards surrounding it?


"The Powers must be playing an awful joke on me! Azika mused in despair. How could they put this beautiful creature before me and yet have him loathe me?"
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